Brio – Leaving PeDreTea

After visiting the 8th life finca in December 2015, I jumped on the chance to join the PeDreTea project as off-line support. My main tasks were to setup and maintain this public website and to try and gain followers using various social media outlets. I learned a lot about wordpress, how to share posts, how to interpret facebook statistics, and (sometimes) how to motivate people to write content.

The PeDreTea project started with 7 adults and 2 children. 3 people left after a few weeks, followed by another leaver a few months in. The relationship between the PeDreTea project and the (hosting) 8th life project is constantly evolving with tasks and resources being increasingly shared.

This has resulted in some amazing projects being realised, the big garden being just one of them. However, I feel that the initial purpose of this blog – as I understood it – doesn’t exist anymore given the new constellation. To me PeDreTea is now part of a bigger project with strong media outlets already in place.

I feel that the end of my physical visit to the finca is a good time to move on from my media role and pass on the responsibility to either continue or modify this blog in a way that suits the changing situation ‘on the ground’. Thanks to all for following and reading!



PeDreTea – Group training (Domestic arrangements)

Today we want to share with you how we met each other and what happened to us the first few days on site. This is one of the tasks entrusted to the Domestic Arrangements: group well-being and harmony. What does it really mean?

After almost 3 months we have realised that the relationships in a small community can be real hard work. We only knew each other from internet posts and skype before coming here and when we arrived on the finca we were divided into different groups of people.

The first person to arrive onsite was Maja B., she arrived almost one month before the rest of the Group. She was spending her time working/living/enjoying in the 8th Life project (the PeDreTea hosts). When Rose and Judit arrived she had to leave them and join the PeDreTea Project. She had some difficulties because, for example, she now had to organize her jobs in different ways, change the timetable and adapt herself to a new group.

Judit and Rose arrived almost together and they were not really involved with the rest of the group and they immediately get  close to each other for several reasons.

Finally, one week later the families arrived with their children and then the PeDreTea project could get started!

Three different groups, each of us with their personalities and attitudes. What a challenge! A lot of challenges were coming on…

The first challenge was the weather for most of us. Unfortunately, the winter started later than usual, and was quite difficult for some of us to manage, living in a tent that is your home, go to a compost toilet when it’s bloody raining, during the nights it was really cold and humid (0°-10°), we didn’t have a place where we could have our meal in a warm place, spending most of the time outside in a open-space kitchen without walls. The only available warm place was the library which was mostly occupied by 8th life students for their meetings/parties etc. We weren’t even able to take a shower for some time because there is no hot water without sunshine (there is just a solar shower on the finca) and only washing yourself with cold water can be really difficult if you are not used to it…


Some of us very really stressed and frustrated and managing this kind of situation and emotions were really hard.

After a few weeks when we were having one of our daily meetings one of the families announced that they wanted to leave the project: our group was shocked, but we accepted the decision.

The Group had a lot of doubts: could we help them to stay here longer? Have we failed in something? Have we done something wrong? Why?

The dynamics were changing yet again and we were looking to each other trying to figure out what we should be doing. Stay or leave? Continue or drop the project? Happy or not? What the f*** should we do?

At that time we decided to continue… but the challenges are still on and the Group well-being and harmony is moody everyday.

The weather is getting better but right now other new challenges are happening and new doubts in the group are appearing.


Will the project still continue? … if you want to know the answer you should follow us!






Maja B – Healthy Boundaries

I have been told that living in a community – close to people brings up a lot of emotional, personal issues and that this is the biggest challenge of it. If and how everyone will want to deal with those issues.

I have been always very keen to discover what exactly is my problem and how can I deal with it. Here, after being depressed for two weeks because of my new diet I started to feel seriously bored. Everything was fine and even when there were problems, they were not my personal and I want to grow, I want to discover myself! Aren’t there any more interesting deep problems I could dwell on? Of course they are.

At some point I noticed that there are certain type of insignificant events that make me feel totally fed up. Angry, disappointed, hopeless, sad and they make me just want to leave this bloody project and go back home. By analysing what these situation were, what words have been used and how did it make me feel I realised that… TA-DAM! Another issue of mine is coming out, just in a completely different way than I am used to. I used to think about stuff, now they just happen.

I think this is a big issue when you leave with people in general and it is very obvious, but doesn’t matter how obvious it would be, people still have a problem with it. I do and I see others having it as well. It’s boundaries. You have to come into your space of being with healthy boundaries, you have to create them and keep them. I have a huge problem with saying ‘no’ when someone asks me for help. When someone let’s me down I just say ‘it’s ok’ even though it is not. I have a problem with clearly stating my position and opinions. I also started to feel a bit exposed sharing my personal thoughts on my crowdfunding page, (luckily there are just friends reading it), I have a feeling that the most important thing I have to share with the world through this project are personal struggles and I didn’t figure out yet where is the line behind which it gets too personal. All of that creates a sense of lack of security and it is me who creates that.

The bottom line is – you will feel as safe, liberated and respected as you will work for it. I am very excited to see another step for me to climb on.



Rose and Judit-Adventure for a hot shower


We had a problem with a cold weather-there was no chance to have a hot shower. I washed myself in cold but still… I wanted to wash my hair in hot water… and additional Rosa and me wanted to discover Santa Cruz de la Palma, the capital of La Palma. Our the room was book and we left Friday early morning. Our mistake was because of Easter Friday is bank holiday so buses going less frequency.

After we reached La Palma we easily find our apartment we rent. First we went to see the city centre and get a coffee. The main road is covered with cobblestones and spanish style colored houses. The houses are pink, green, red, peach, violet and so on. Just two streets away there is a big long rock houses on the top, to get there you have to go up in tiny mazy streets and staired ways. Remember me Szentendre the hungarian village quite similar.

IMG_5104                      IMG_5102

Took a hot shower, washed hair was a heaven!

IMG_5114                        IMG_5117

We had a taste of Easter here with some strange symbols. It was interesting to see how they celebrate here.


What can I say about this weekend!?!? I really enjoyed my time in Santa Cruz, because as I already wrote on my first blog I think is a really nice and colonial style city with craft shops. I also had the opportunity to know better Judit, my new friend but not only that… she will be part of my new family! We had a really great time and I think she is really patience because my English is not so fluent as hers, unfortunately but hopefully it will be better in few weeks.

By the way, we woke up quite earlier that morning because we should suppose to take the GuaGua (the bus) at 7.30am but no buses and no cars where on the street so I was quite surprised, and I started to feel really frustrated and tired… I just wanted to reach Santa Cruz as soon as possible. I felt myself quite dirty and smelling. I wanted to take a shower and I needed to feel more comfortable with myself… Initially we thought a delay but after almost one hour we realized that was a bank holiday day. In Italy Easter is just on Sunday (Pasqua) and Monday (Pasquetta) is still bank holiday… how could we know that!?!?

We tried doing hitch-hiking but there were just few cars on the street and not everybody wanted stopping to give us a lift but after almost one hours and a half later a man (really kind of him!!) gave us a lift to Puntagorda and then we caught the GuaGua at 9.30, before jumping on the bus we had a really nice coffee and we laughed about the weird situation…

The GuaGua that we choose to catch follows the north part of the island and it takes almost 3 hours to reach the capital but it is a sort of sightseeing bus! We view was incredible! We crossed several villages with really narrow streets and then… I got sick: sore machine! OMG!! I could just look the street in front of me if not I could feel retching.. too many curve, up and down… I think was too much for me!! By the way I suggest you this way at least once in your life because is amazing… the nature is everywhere and the view to the Ocean is incredible!

I love the nature and that it… so we decide to take the bus to go back to Puntagorda from Santa Cruz!! Crazy!!

When we arrived to destination the room wasn’t ready (What I was thinking in that moment: “OMG!! I want to take a shower right now I was waiting for this moment for a really long time… but we have 2 days for that… so be patience and calm down :-)”) so we took a look around the city and for lunch we ate a Bocadillo (panini) with Tortilla and vegetables accompanied by a bottle of water!!

Most of the shops were closed and from far away  we could hear a local band playing some really catholic music and when we reached the band we figure out that was a procession! Men were holding a Jesus’ Statue on their shoulders and behind them the local band! For me was something completely new…

Then we went back to our room, I finally took a shower after 1 week (I was really happy) and I took a nap!

At 7pm we went out and we decided to eat something in a typical bar a bit far away from the city center… the food was fine but not really typical as we thought unfortunately.

When we reached the city center we realize that a lot of local people were running to the city quite well dressed…  and we wanted to figure out the reason and after few “calles” later we understood what was going on: the procession was bigger than in the afternoon and attendances were following it in silence. The smell of incense was everywhere… a teenager next to me had the hands on her mouth and nose because she didn’t really like the smell and some elder people close to me where looking at the procession and made whispered comments on it. The silence and the incense were all around… the only sound I could hear were coming from the chains that somebody in the procession was wearing… yes, chains on their feet!!

IMG_5139                              IMG_5122

IMG_5135                       IMG_5124

The procession was quite long and a lot of local people were involved in it.

The tradition is really strong in this island!

See U soon!!


It was a wonderful weekend I really enjoy start discover La Palma with my new friend Rose.

Thanks to her I didnt lost.. her spanish helped us out:)




Michal – First days of Euro Trip

We was waiting for our journey companions Ludka Mateusz and Jana

Just two days before they arrival to Dziadowo I’ve discovered water ingress in our motorhome  and after stripping down the wall cover  firstly I felt  sad and angry because it was so close to our dream journey and the damage was quite bad. I show it to Maja and she said don’t worry is still timie to fix it  I’ve  started to rebuild it; that day I’ve  worked all night  using just simple tools like kife and scraper. The next day I was rebuilding  frame and then I’ve used expanding foam to fill gaps after that with a help from Maja brother Michal  we fixted nice piece of polyvinyl sheet , I was suprised how good it was looked  so the days without sleep payed off and camper was ready for new inhabitants. DSC01196Mateusz and his family  arrived to Dziadowo  quite late I think it was around 3 at morrning on 8th of March so we just unpacked their belongings  from Mateusz father’s car and I gave them keys to they luxry apartment 🙂 Next day I was still doing some bits and pieces in camper  with big help form our new firends. Mateusz he pulled out his equipment I  was very  impressed  and  became movie star with grinder ( movie to come out soon). In just few hours of working thogether  I’ve felt well connected with him so we would have great times togehter. After 3 days in Maja home we finnaly packed oursefls and around 4pm we’ve stared our dream journey. Just after 90km we decided to do it brake and from it  was almost 3 hours 😀 . the plam was to meet with Brio in Berlin and we did it just before midnight and then was trip via Germany as usualy Autobahn  so easy peasy 🙂 In France i’ve decided to avoid motorways  but after few  km I changed my mind (U have to paid for you comfort) and we set up Our second destination  AvingnonDSC01241.JPGMore to come soon …..

Rose -My travel from Trento to La Palma 2/2

…When Jose arrived he gave us the chance to buy some products at the local market (in Italy we call it (km market) and I bought a lot of vegetables and after a while we finally arrived at our destination: the finca, the 8th life community.

The first person that I met was Maja B., one of our PeDreTea Community, and another guy that is building the Domos for the 8th life project. Maja showed us the finca and I immediately found it to be a beautiful place with “mucha naturaleza”, a lot of fruit, vegetation, trees, flowers, animals, vegetables… and water. There is a nice fountain with spring water and a magnificent view of the ocean.
It’s really strange but I felt really comfortable from the beginning, like I’m home although I don’t really know everybody yet.
After a while I met all the others living at the finca: students from all Europe, Judit (PeDreTea Team) and Stella, our coordinator.
The finca is divided into two parts: the PeDreTea’s area and the 8th Life ones.
Stella explained to me that the first days will be useful to understand where we are so we don’t really need to do anything in particular… but I couldn’t so I immediately start to follow Maja and Judit and tried to understand how everything is organised here.
The first day I was quite tiring and the same day I couldn’t sleep really well because it was quite cold during the night so I started to realize that I am missing some of the facilities that I have at home.
It’s quite different here, I need to get used to the compost toilet and for me it will take some time, so right now sometimes I still use the normal toilet in the 8th life area even though I shouldn’t.
The first 2 days were quite could during the day and the night and I usually don’t like to feel cold all the time… I love the hot weather and the sun… but with some cup of teas I can manage the cold weather.
This reality is completely different from the one I left in Italy and it’s not easy to get used to it but it is for a good purpose… I’m completely sure I will manage it!
I feel a little bit dazed but really comfortable at the same time. I have a really good relationship with all the people that I met. I just need to manage the compost toilet and the cold night weather right now.
Here there is something special that put challenges into background: “La naturalezza, la magicità del posto e la familiarità con le persone incontrate danno, al tempo trascorso finora in questo posto, quel fresco senso di libertà”
I don’t really know I can translate this phrase into English but should be something like that: “The natural beauty of the environment, the magic in this place and the familiarity with people I met here gives me a fresh sense of freedom”.
Finally I can say that I’m very impressed by how green and how much vegetation there is on this part of the island.
The reflection of the sun on trees gives the surroundings a picture-postcard backdrop that only the eyes of a person on site can grasp. It is a gift of the nature and I’m lucky to be here.
Now I hear the chirping of birds, the rustle of the wind, the lizards making their way through the vegetation, the grunting of the sow that spins freely around the finca searching for food, the bleating of sheep, in the morning I am awakened by the singing roosters that remotely communicate with each other, human sounds are less hectic, quieter and more respectful of the environment.
Now it’s time to go. See you soon.

Maja B – in the realm of dreams

I had three exceptionally vivid dreams recently. I am usually rather careful with interpreting dreams, most of them just come from my thoughts, wishes, fears, memories etc. But sometimes so it happens, that I wake up very sure that this dream was something more. Sometimes a lot more, sometimes just a little bit.

In the first dream I was here, on La Palma, in 8th life eco-village, with Stella, Jose and Samadhi. We were standing on top of the building and looking at waves. This place is quite far away from the ocean but you can see it. The waves were enormous, sometimes so close, that the house was shaking. And we were there, with our arms wide opened, joining with energy of the wind and water. The last wave was so strong that it occurred to me, that once winter comes, we can be in real danger (ocean in winter is more wild than in summer). And then we saw another village, a bit lower then we were that was swallowed by the waves. That scared me, in a few months from now we will probably die.
And then Samadhi, to cheer me up, took me up to the city in a device that made me feel like I am flying in a dream. The city was a beautiful place full of people who were laughing from every little silly thing. They had a lot of fun with tourists and themselves, they were an embodiment of joy, peace and awareness of the present moment. We went there singing from our hearts. And then I knew, that I was at home. And even if in few months we will be swallowed by the waves, I don’t mind dying like that, in the place I love.
The next dream I don’t remember so well. We (me and a group of very nice people) were restoring some very old, spanish village. The deal was, that when we restore it, we can live there and our families can join us. It was a beautiful place! The dream finished when we were done and I said “ahora, podemos crear…” (“now, we can create…”) what can we create? there was no word for that, because we could create everything we could. A community. This was the first time I spoke in spanish in my dream
In the last dream we were walking towards some place. In nature, but ruined one. for some reason we dug a huge hole in the ground and it was heartbreaking. At least 10m deep, there was mostly cement in the soil. I started to wonder, what tree should we plant here to restore it? it has to be hardy so it can grow in such a poor conditions, it has to break the cement with its roots and it has to be good for this climate. I thought of Robinia pseudoacacia.
Then we were passing an old river. Next to it, there was a screen showing how it used to look like. It was wide, with crystal water, with loads of rainbow trouts swimming in it. It was a very important place in the community, always gathering people wanting to cool down, always with children playing in it. And then there was a woman talking about their organization to save the rivers and that they are doing better. The view behind the screen, the river in the present time was horrifying. Just a little, muddy, dirty stream slowly moving along the dry river bed. Just like here on La Palma, in all these huge barrancos, there used to live big rivers, now watching their graveyard is really painful.
After waking up, I immediately started to think about the holistic grazing as a way to restore our rivers. By the breakfast we talked about handling sheep, and this discussion along with my dream and holistic grazing ideas filled me with fire of excitement and passion. When my turn came to speak, I just cried and laughed, couldn’t really say how happy I am to live here and now, with the possibility to make a change in the world.
to stay close to my home (the world) even though soon it might be gone
to restore and build a community
to restore our natural world
If you would like to know more about my personal stories, thoughts, feelings and conclusions about my experiences in here, and if you would like to support me, see my page here :