New chapter

The new chapter is start soon in my life:


PeDreTea -Big Garden 3

After some delay we started to make a big garden. This place was vegetable garden before abandoned. Designed well. We took out the weeds after raining.Keep a useful plants and trees.

We have fencing, doors, free chickens and ready to make bed. In our:last video you can see Michael·s design.

Everybody choose a own bed, and design it. The side( keep the compost the top of the soil, build a the watering system and what we going to put in.


So our garden is ready. Even we put lot of chicken compost too. We dont planting yet just outside of the garden. The whitish thing is a wool which use to cover a soil..

still we have to do more thing b. the chicken destroy the side of the beds.. But we going to do it later.

Brio – Leaving PeDreTea

After visiting the 8th life finca in December 2015, I jumped on the chance to join the PeDreTea project as off-line support. My main tasks were to setup and maintain this public website and to try and gain followers using various social media outlets. I learned a lot about wordpress, how to share posts, how to interpret facebook statistics, and (sometimes) how to motivate people to write content.

The PeDreTea project started with 7 adults and 2 children. 3 people left after a few weeks, followed by another leaver a few months in. The relationship between the PeDreTea project and the (hosting) 8th life project is constantly evolving with tasks and resources being increasingly shared.

This has resulted in some amazing projects being realised, the big garden being just one of them. However, I feel that the initial purpose of this blog – as I understood it – doesn’t exist anymore given the new constellation. To me PeDreTea is now part of a bigger project with strong media outlets already in place.

I feel that the end of my physical visit to the finca is a good time to move on from my media role and pass on the responsibility to either continue or modify this blog in a way that suits the changing situation ‘on the ground’. Thanks to all for following and reading!


PeDreTea – Work organization

IMG_20160421_194719.jpgWhen we arrived here it was rainy, windy and cold. We had only wet tents, kitchen with no walls and leaking roof and a small camper van. It was obvious that we need to start work as soon as possible to be able to at least be warm and dry. It was not easy, in fact it seems that work organization is one of the biggest problems that a community can encounter.

At first we were just doing whatever we felt needed doing. The table, the rocket stove, the walls, the garden and in the same time daily jobs like taking care of the animals! It seemed so much and we were in lousy, rainy moods. So Michal built a table in few hours, we decided that the kitchen needs total rebuilding if we are even starting with it, and so the oven we had. First, we had huge plans about redesigning everything, so we have made a huge mess in the kitchen, the only roofed common space we had (and a place for cooking), filling it with building materials, tools, food and ourselves.

We tried to divide the work we had and keep the people responsible for certain roles as coordinators of this areas of work (we had roles established before we came here). But that did not work. It turned out that Mateusz who was responsible for eco-building is leaving, Michal who is responsible for gardens is very keen and capable in building, Judit who is responsible for forest gardens and Maja T – our coordinator are very keen to start the veggie garden and Maja B who is responsible for animals has to spent her time building the guinea pigs cages.

In the meantime we were trying to figure out what is the best time for us to have common meal and meetings twice a day. We changed the times three times to make it fit with the children’s timetable and still it was a huge challenge to get everyone in the same place in the same time, our meetings lasted one hour instead of 20mins from which more than a half was gathering the people. The circle format where everyone gets their 5mins did not work, people are used to talking between each other like that and responding spontaneously. We were supposed to do the design meetings – every day person responsible for his role is talking about the progress. Did not happen. How can you talk about gardens or animals when all everyone is thinking about is when will we finish the kitchen?

We tried to make two teams  – one working on the kitchen, one working on the garden. The first day it went great! We had some work done in both teams. Unfortunately, grinder that was needed to start working on fencing for the garden got broken. And so the drill that we were using a LOT in the kitchen. Mateusz who was the only one who knew about rocket stoves left. We were left with four working people – because one person has to always be with little Gabi. Lunches were late around an hour, meetings were still not on time if happening at all and so we ended up working only few hours or wondering around.

With time the balance started to slowly set, as it usually does in nature, but we needed proper organization!

Finally, Maja T decided to step in and make the proper rota. She wrote down all the necessary, daily jobs like watering, taking the sheep out to the pasture and back, internet work, cooking and taking care of Gabi (now, each of us gets to spend an hour with her). The rest of the time we all spend on the main project. Now it is the kitchen. It works out 7 hours of work and we spend this time mostly together. We finally see the effects of our job, we are satisfied and in the same time we have enough time for rest. Our lunch and meetings are on time. Soon we will probably divide to start the garden fencing, after a month we are getting into the right rhythm!


Maja Michal Gabi trip


Sorry for absence in writing but so many things been happening  many fluctuations in  our group and so on.

But let’s start  from begining :D.Couple weeks ago when we visited famous Mercadillo   (local produce market) in Puntagorda I spoted westfalia camper with polish registration plate, so I went to say hello that’s how I first meet Dorotka and Peter at same day I gave them my spare solar panels because place where they living there is no electricity this is how we became friends.We decided to visit them on our free day  but instead of using our camper we chose to hitch hike. We start our journey about 10 am  it tooks almost hour to catch first car. The guy he droped us in Cueva del Agua village but we didn’t know how far is to our destination Los Lomitos.From village we start to walk with hope to catch another car the views was great  and like a reward because the road was climbing up hill

via beautiful pine forest,  after about hour we  reach cross roads  with   many post boxes


this was indicator that we are on good path. Next part of trip was via forest road which was a bit more gentle than before. After another hour we finaly reach destination remote hippie village Los Lomitos.When we’ve founded our friends home nobody was there  after we discovered that all of them are celebrating day called Gaiofa is day when another ecovillages  come together and help for one family. So I joined  to chain of people carrying stones for new  path, we also collect wood for fire. After we  finished work there was lovely  meal  everyone brought some food ,we only donated our help :D. There was many kids so Gabi she have some companions.

We stays over nigth  our friends home,when we  woke up there was lovley view of


after breakfast  I’ve hepled for  Peter with construction of composting toilete


and we left Los Lomitos with new friendships and great experience of community but we would back there many times 😀

With Love

Maja Gabi Michal



PeDreTea – Kitchen Design

Start build a kitchen is the most important task and priority. Why? Because we have no living space and we have no  warm, comfortable place to sit. And without ready to use rocket stove in the kitchen is not working. With the unpredictable tropical wind and storm we realized easily.. Luckily we didn’t lose our humor that days but building is urgent!




The problems:

  • Very cold & drafty in winter!  And anytime there is wind… eating when cold can give you bad indigestion – v uncomfortable
  • No hot water (some people won’t wash dishes without it in winter)
  • Difficult & messy to cook with incomplete rocket stove!
  • Horrible when not kept tidy
  • Everything gets dusty quickly as all open-air
  • The funny is about this kitchen there is not have a straight wall, 45 degrees corners

Good things about this kitchen:

  • It’s a nice big space & it’s held up very well even under near-hurricane conditions (amazingly..)
  • Practically invisible in the landscape (important criteria)
  • Nice sunset views if we get supper-time lined up!
  • Perfect for becoming a Camping Site Kitchen
  • Open-air, lovely when nice weather
  • Very cool in summer
  • Lots of great design possibilities
  • Fridges work well as anti-rat cup-boards

There is a lot of work before us to make this kitchen nice and cosy, but our spirit rises with the sunshine and as the weather gets better, so we are getting better in organizing work for our first important designs. Soon you will be able to see the progress on the kitchen!

With long list of jobs  we’ve started to make kitchen more cozy and  usefull for us  Firstly we focused on rocke stove the one who was already there wan’t efficient so with the experience of Mateusz we changed thew things:

  • rebuilding fire chamber with self feed  system
  • cutting out two  rings so we could adapt diffrent pots


This was great fun expecialy  part with using  grinnder and than  playing with cob

The next job was done mostly by Michal who used his carpentry skills he has  removed existing  roof beem from a almond tree so the construction wouldn’t shake when is windy

Then we’ve started to cover walls  This job was done mailnly by Maja B and Michal  we also rebulid existing sink, fitted windows and bulided more workspace  next to rocket stove

Rose and Judit made small wind catcher wall so when we cooking the wind doesn’t blow the gas out