Judit – First jobs

What can we do while we still waiting for our group members arrive? We managed the cleaning a kitchen mostly tidied up the unused fridges. Looks easy job but is not. Dirty, long time not used. We use just natural product- water, cleaning solution( alcohol, vinegar, orange and lemon peel)from Samadhi. Even we have no hot water make things more difficult.


In the kitchen we have a useless rocket stove and Maja-s rocket stove, no electricity and water. Even we have no proper walls so it is cold and windy. The original plan was make a wall from fridge and use as a storage place which we need a lot. Because rats coming in the night we have to store everything in the fridges. We have no table and chairs, have to make.

This place going to be our living room and kitchen. At the moment I feel it is so far…

IMG_5030      20160314_175542