PeDreTea – Guinea Pigs

From the very beginning, after arrival, we started to work with guinea pigs. We were talking about it with 8th Life even before coming here, so that we take care of them and in return, we can have some for food. You can find more information about them as a food in here.

So very quickly we got responsible for picking the food for them, and even when it was taking us 4 hours a day and we were really fed up, we were still bravely going out to the field with a sickle to get 3 bags of greens. A week later it turned out that it should be rather 4 bags. Few weeks later, piggies were still multiplying like crazy, so now it takes around 6 bags a day for them to not be completely hungry. Even with a scythe, it was too much for us. Now, after a month it takes us 30min to get one bag, approximately. I must admit, the task of picking the guinea pig food became too much for us, it was the only thing we were doing all days and there is not even so much meat in those little animals.

We have too many guinea pigs – that is certain. Also, we now have few generations in one cage, so they interbreed, which should not be happening. We have to kill some of them and do the population check, so we can actually control their numbers. That is certain. So, we started to build new cages for them, so we can have comfortable space for all of them while moving and after and also, the old ones ale falling apart.

Just after we started, the rest PeDreTeans arrived and, because most of them are vegans and the rest doesn’t want to eat guinea pigs anyway, we decided not to focus our energy on it. We were working half of the day on the cages and the other half on picking food for them and our energy was needed to help with more important things – like the kitchen or garden.

Luckily, we are not alone in here. Guinea pigs belong the the 8th Life community, with Jose being the one responsible for animals in general. We had a meeting and settled that we will not be taking care of the guinea pigs, only sheep and chickens. Just, once we have a new tool for cutting metal, we all get together to finish the bloody cages. And then, if someone wants guinea pigs as food, we can still contribute by picking the food. Jose estimated that it takes 10 bags for one guinea pig to grow enough to be ready to harvest, and so that is the price for them.

Right now, we can focus on our biggest priorities – kitchen and garden.