Mateusz Introduction

Hello, It’s time for me to properly introduce myself.

Mateusz, 31 years, Ludka M-ska husband, father of 2 years old Jana.

Trained as an engineer, passionate enthusiast of all DIY projects. As for now I earn from making all kind of videos and animations. Becoming a filmmaker helped me to discover and develop my artistic side. Yet it’s still very technical which allows me to feel fulfilled.

As for my personality type… I’m an introvert, I tend to be reflective, reserved and private. This does not mean that I do not like to spend time with people, I just do not need people around me all the time. 

I make decisions using logic and impersonal analysis. I think with my head rather than my heart, yet it has changed a lot latelly and I let my inner voice to guide me more often then I used to. 

I’m flexible and adaptable although i like to keep my options open. I’m interested in theorizing, analyzing and learning. I like to think of myself as the explorer or the seeker . I thrive on exploring, understanding and explaining how the world works. I’m strongly motivated to challenge myself to pursue and acquire excellence.

I perceive my role in this project not only as participant but also (using my filmmaking tools and skills) as a relay betwen the old world and new that is slowly emerging. There is a lot of people around the world, wanting to make that bold move to release themselves from the grip of old system, but they need encouragement that we could provide.