Ludka introduction


Hello Everyone! My name is Ludka, I’m from Poland. I want to join the project with my family – my husband Mateusz and my daughter Janka.

We both (Mateusz and I) did degree Civil and Environmental Engineering (Gdańsk University of Technology) and we have (specially my husband) some experiences with doing projects (heating, cooling, sewerage, water supply etc.)
I used to work as a  sanitary engineer and graphic designer and I also run my own business.
My husband and me have for a long time been thinking about moving out and living in accordance with nature. We love gardening and working on fresh air. Now the opportunity has arrived for us to do this – on the new land with new people.
This is my way to achieve happiness and stand against consumerism, leave everything unnecessary behind and prove that this is possible.
“Be the change yo wish to see in the world” Let’s make it work!