Brio – Leaving PeDreTea

After visiting the 8th life finca in December 2015, I jumped on the chance to join the PeDreTea project as off-line support. My main tasks were to setup and maintain this public website and to try and gain followers using various social media outlets. I learned a lot about wordpress, how to share posts, how to interpret facebook statistics, and (sometimes) how to motivate people to write content.

The PeDreTea project started with 7 adults and 2 children. 3 people left after a few weeks, followed by another leaver a few months in. The relationship between the PeDreTea project and the (hosting) 8th life project is constantly evolving with tasks and resources being increasingly shared.

This has resulted in some amazing projects being realised, the big garden being just one of them. However, I feel that the initial purpose of this blog – as I understood it – doesn’t exist anymore given the new constellation. To me PeDreTea is now part of a bigger project with strong media outlets already in place.

I feel that the end of my physical visit to the finca is a good time to move on from my media role and pass on the responsibility to either continue or modify this blog in a way that suits the changing situation ‘on the ground’. Thanks to all for following and reading!



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