PeDreTea – Group training (Domestic arrangements)

Today we want to share with you how we met each other and what happened to us the first few days on site. This is one of the tasks entrusted to the Domestic Arrangements: group well-being and harmony. What does it really mean?

After almost 3 months we have realised that the relationships in a small community can be real hard work. We only knew each other from internet posts and skype before coming here and when we arrived on the finca we were divided into different groups of people.

The first person to arrive onsite was Maja B., she arrived almost one month before the rest of the Group. She was spending her time working/living/enjoying in the 8th Life project (the PeDreTea hosts). When Rose and Judit arrived she had to leave them and join the PeDreTea Project. She had some difficulties because, for example, she now had to organize her jobs in different ways, change the timetable and adapt herself to a new group.

Judit and Rose arrived almost together and they were not really involved with the rest of the group and they immediately get  close to each other for several reasons.

Finally, one week later the families arrived with their children and then the PeDreTea project could get started!

Three different groups, each of us with their personalities and attitudes. What a challenge! A lot of challenges were coming on…

The first challenge was the weather for most of us. Unfortunately, the winter started later than usual, and was quite difficult for some of us to manage, living in a tent that is your home, go to a compost toilet when it’s bloody raining, during the nights it was really cold and humid (0°-10°), we didn’t have a place where we could have our meal in a warm place, spending most of the time outside in a open-space kitchen without walls. The only available warm place was the library which was mostly occupied by 8th life students for their meetings/parties etc. We weren’t even able to take a shower for some time because there is no hot water without sunshine (there is just a solar shower on the finca) and only washing yourself with cold water can be really difficult if you are not used to it…


Some of us very really stressed and frustrated and managing this kind of situation and emotions were really hard.

After a few weeks when we were having one of our daily meetings one of the families announced that they wanted to leave the project: our group was shocked, but we accepted the decision.

The Group had a lot of doubts: could we help them to stay here longer? Have we failed in something? Have we done something wrong? Why?

The dynamics were changing yet again and we were looking to each other trying to figure out what we should be doing. Stay or leave? Continue or drop the project? Happy or not? What the f*** should we do?

At that time we decided to continue… but the challenges are still on and the Group well-being and harmony is moody everyday.

The weather is getting better but right now other new challenges are happening and new doubts in the group are appearing.


Will the project still continue? … if you want to know the answer you should follow us!







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