PeDreTea – The big garden (1)

We thought when we arrive we would have a garden really soon. Just fix the fence and we can plant straightaway. But it turned out differently. Because of the cold we started to do kitchen first and after that we started to build. It was so much work, not the fencing but the lots of smaller and bigger part we have to do so we finished today the garden.   We started to design the doors and fixed one.


So doors. Sound simple if you ever made a door but with no experience took longer time. Did Maja did a first one she made it quick. The second one from wood pallet- we have to make a frame and take out of theunnecessary parts which wasn’t an easy job. Then sand it, oil it put together with the other part( make it big) then put the cover on it. Here the result. And the third one just fixed it.


IMG_5397 IMG_5396


Then we had to move the end of the garden.  Michael installed the posts, the main ones secured with cement. After this we measured the fence.

IMG_5398 IMG_5395


So this was a first part but many different difficulties came up after it… Continue….


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