PeDreTea – Kitchen Design

Start build a kitchen is the most important task and priority. Why? Because we have no living space and we have no  warm, comfortable place to sit. And without ready to use rocket stove in the kitchen is not working. With the unpredictable tropical wind and storm we realized easily.. Luckily we didn’t lose our humor that days but building is urgent!




The problems:

  • Very cold & drafty in winter!  And anytime there is wind… eating when cold can give you bad indigestion – v uncomfortable
  • No hot water (some people won’t wash dishes without it in winter)
  • Difficult & messy to cook with incomplete rocket stove!
  • Horrible when not kept tidy
  • Everything gets dusty quickly as all open-air
  • The funny is about this kitchen there is not have a straight wall, 45 degrees corners

Good things about this kitchen:

  • It’s a nice big space & it’s held up very well even under near-hurricane conditions (amazingly..)
  • Practically invisible in the landscape (important criteria)
  • Nice sunset views if we get supper-time lined up!
  • Perfect for becoming a Camping Site Kitchen
  • Open-air, lovely when nice weather
  • Very cool in summer
  • Lots of great design possibilities
  • Fridges work well as anti-rat cup-boards

There is a lot of work before us to make this kitchen nice and cosy, but our spirit rises with the sunshine and as the weather gets better, so we are getting better in organizing work for our first important designs. Soon you will be able to see the progress on the kitchen!

With long list of jobs  we’ve started to make kitchen more cozy and  usefull for us  Firstly we focused on rocke stove the one who was already there wan’t efficient so with the experience of Mateusz we changed thew things:

  • rebuilding fire chamber with self feed  system
  • cutting out two  rings so we could adapt diffrent pots


This was great fun expecialy  part with using  grinnder and than  playing with cob

The next job was done mostly by Michal who used his carpentry skills he has  removed existing  roof beem from a almond tree so the construction wouldn’t shake when is windy

Then we’ve started to cover walls  This job was done mailnly by Maja B and Michal  we also rebulid existing sink, fitted windows and bulided more workspace  next to rocket stove

Rose and Judit made small wind catcher wall so when we cooking the wind doesn’t blow the gas out


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