First days of work at the Finca

After a few days of relaxing we’ve started to set up our camp site, Rose and Judit done great job of tidying up our new kitchen before  arrival last Pedreteans . Firstly We took care of the kitchen table which involved a bit of carpentry skills. Michal done great job.


IMG_5025      IMG_5027


The second task was to plug in the washing mashine, on our first trip to Los Llanos we bought a valve for fresh water. After fitting it it was time to connect the grey water which was a bit more challenging but finally We did it so we could wash our clothes especially with 2 kids in the group.


DSC01283    DSC01282


First tasks done from very long list.
To relax Himself Michal took care about our energy needs, so he pluged 3 solar panels 100W each to an old battery from his motorhome which is just enought to use for a 150w inverter to charge small appliences and supply light to  2 led strips fitted to the celling above the table and also give power to a radio. He really like some noise when he’s working, but listening to the birds is also good especially for us 😀

— Michal


DSC01404          DSC01397

DSC01403                           DSC01395


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