Rose and Judit-Adventure for a hot shower


We had a problem with a cold weather-there was no chance to have a hot shower. I washed myself in cold but still… I wanted to wash my hair in hot water… and additional Rosa and me wanted to discover Santa Cruz de la Palma, the capital of La Palma. Our the room was book and we left Friday early morning. Our mistake was because of Easter Friday is bank holiday so buses going less frequency.

After we reached La Palma we easily find our apartment we rent. First we went to see the city centre and get a coffee. The main road is covered with cobblestones and spanish style colored houses. The houses are pink, green, red, peach, violet and so on. Just two streets away there is a big long rock houses on the top, to get there you have to go up in tiny mazy streets and staired ways. Remember me Szentendre the hungarian village quite similar.

IMG_5104                      IMG_5102

Took a hot shower, washed hair was a heaven!

IMG_5114                        IMG_5117

We had a taste of Easter here with some strange symbols. It was interesting to see how they celebrate here.


What can I say about this weekend!?!? I really enjoyed my time in Santa Cruz, because as I already wrote on my first blog I think is a really nice and colonial style city with craft shops. I also had the opportunity to know better Judit, my new friend but not only that… she will be part of my new family! We had a really great time and I think she is really patience because my English is not so fluent as hers, unfortunately but hopefully it will be better in few weeks.

By the way, we woke up quite earlier that morning because we should suppose to take the GuaGua (the bus) at 7.30am but no buses and no cars where on the street so I was quite surprised, and I started to feel really frustrated and tired… I just wanted to reach Santa Cruz as soon as possible. I felt myself quite dirty and smelling. I wanted to take a shower and I needed to feel more comfortable with myself… Initially we thought a delay but after almost one hour we realized that was a bank holiday day. In Italy Easter is just on Sunday (Pasqua) and Monday (Pasquetta) is still bank holiday… how could we know that!?!?

We tried doing hitch-hiking but there were just few cars on the street and not everybody wanted stopping to give us a lift but after almost one hours and a half later a man (really kind of him!!) gave us a lift to Puntagorda and then we caught the GuaGua at 9.30, before jumping on the bus we had a really nice coffee and we laughed about the weird situation…

The GuaGua that we choose to catch follows the north part of the island and it takes almost 3 hours to reach the capital but it is a sort of sightseeing bus! We view was incredible! We crossed several villages with really narrow streets and then… I got sick: sore machine! OMG!! I could just look the street in front of me if not I could feel retching.. too many curve, up and down… I think was too much for me!! By the way I suggest you this way at least once in your life because is amazing… the nature is everywhere and the view to the Ocean is incredible!

I love the nature and that it… so we decide to take the bus to go back to Puntagorda from Santa Cruz!! Crazy!!

When we arrived to destination the room wasn’t ready (What I was thinking in that moment: “OMG!! I want to take a shower right now I was waiting for this moment for a really long time… but we have 2 days for that… so be patience and calm down :-)”) so we took a look around the city and for lunch we ate a Bocadillo (panini) with Tortilla and vegetables accompanied by a bottle of water!!

Most of the shops were closed and from far away  we could hear a local band playing some really catholic music and when we reached the band we figure out that was a procession! Men were holding a Jesus’ Statue on their shoulders and behind them the local band! For me was something completely new…

Then we went back to our room, I finally took a shower after 1 week (I was really happy) and I took a nap!

At 7pm we went out and we decided to eat something in a typical bar a bit far away from the city center… the food was fine but not really typical as we thought unfortunately.

When we reached the city center we realize that a lot of local people were running to the city quite well dressed…  and we wanted to figure out the reason and after few “calles” later we understood what was going on: the procession was bigger than in the afternoon and attendances were following it in silence. The smell of incense was everywhere… a teenager next to me had the hands on her mouth and nose because she didn’t really like the smell and some elder people close to me where looking at the procession and made whispered comments on it. The silence and the incense were all around… the only sound I could hear were coming from the chains that somebody in the procession was wearing… yes, chains on their feet!!

IMG_5139                              IMG_5122

IMG_5135                       IMG_5124

The procession was quite long and a lot of local people were involved in it.

The tradition is really strong in this island!

See U soon!!


It was a wonderful weekend I really enjoy start discover La Palma with my new friend Rose.

Thanks to her I didnt lost.. her spanish helped us out:)





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