Michal – First days of Euro Trip

We was waiting for our journey companions Ludka Mateusz and Jana

Just two days before they arrival to Dziadowo I’ve discovered water ingress in our motorhome  and after stripping down the wall cover  firstly I felt  sad and angry because it was so close to our dream journey and the damage was quite bad. I show it to Maja and she said don’t worry is still timie to fix it  I’ve  started to rebuild it; that day I’ve  worked all night  using just simple tools like kife and scraper. The next day I was rebuilding  frame and then I’ve used expanding foam to fill gaps after that with a help from Maja brother Michal  we fixted nice piece of polyvinyl sheet , I was suprised how good it was looked  so the days without sleep payed off and camper was ready for new inhabitants. DSC01196Mateusz and his family  arrived to Dziadowo  quite late I think it was around 3 at morrning on 8th of March so we just unpacked their belongings  from Mateusz father’s car and I gave them keys to they luxry apartment 🙂 Next day I was still doing some bits and pieces in camper  with big help form our new firends. Mateusz he pulled out his equipment I  was very  impressed  and  became movie star with grinder ( movie to come out soon). In just few hours of working thogether  I’ve felt well connected with him so we would have great times togehter. After 3 days in Maja home we finnaly packed oursefls and around 4pm we’ve stared our dream journey. Just after 90km we decided to do it brake and from it  was almost 3 hours 😀 . the plam was to meet with Brio in Berlin and we did it just before midnight and then was trip via Germany as usualy Autobahn  so easy peasy 🙂 In France i’ve decided to avoid motorways  but after few  km I changed my mind (U have to paid for you comfort) and we set up Our second destination  AvingnonDSC01241.JPGMore to come soon …..


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