Rose -My travel from Trento to La Palma 2/2

…When Jose arrived he gave us the chance to buy some products at the local market (in Italy we call it (km market) and I bought a lot of vegetables and after a while we finally arrived at our destination: the finca, the 8th life community.

The first person that I met was Maja B., one of our PeDreTea Community, and another guy that is building the Domos for the 8th life project. Maja showed us the finca and I immediately found it to be a beautiful place with “mucha naturaleza”, a lot of fruit, vegetation, trees, flowers, animals, vegetables… and water. There is a nice fountain with spring water and a magnificent view of the ocean.
It’s really strange but I felt really comfortable from the beginning, like I’m home although I don’t really know everybody yet.
After a while I met all the others living at the finca: students from all Europe, Judit (PeDreTea Team) and Stella, our coordinator.
The finca is divided into two parts: the PeDreTea’s area and the 8th Life ones.
Stella explained to me that the first days will be useful to understand where we are so we don’t really need to do anything in particular… but I couldn’t so I immediately start to follow Maja and Judit and tried to understand how everything is organised here.
The first day I was quite tiring and the same day I couldn’t sleep really well because it was quite cold during the night so I started to realize that I am missing some of the facilities that I have at home.
It’s quite different here, I need to get used to the compost toilet and for me it will take some time, so right now sometimes I still use the normal toilet in the 8th life area even though I shouldn’t.
The first 2 days were quite could during the day and the night and I usually don’t like to feel cold all the time… I love the hot weather and the sun… but with some cup of teas I can manage the cold weather.
This reality is completely different from the one I left in Italy and it’s not easy to get used to it but it is for a good purpose… I’m completely sure I will manage it!
I feel a little bit dazed but really comfortable at the same time. I have a really good relationship with all the people that I met. I just need to manage the compost toilet and the cold night weather right now.
Here there is something special that put challenges into background: “La naturalezza, la magicità del posto e la familiarità con le persone incontrate danno, al tempo trascorso finora in questo posto, quel fresco senso di libertà”
I don’t really know I can translate this phrase into English but should be something like that: “The natural beauty of the environment, the magic in this place and the familiarity with people I met here gives me a fresh sense of freedom”.
Finally I can say that I’m very impressed by how green and how much vegetation there is on this part of the island.
The reflection of the sun on trees gives the surroundings a picture-postcard backdrop that only the eyes of a person on site can grasp. It is a gift of the nature and I’m lucky to be here.
Now I hear the chirping of birds, the rustle of the wind, the lizards making their way through the vegetation, the grunting of the sow that spins freely around the finca searching for food, the bleating of sheep, in the morning I am awakened by the singing roosters that remotely communicate with each other, human sounds are less hectic, quieter and more respectful of the environment.
Now it’s time to go. See you soon.

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