Judit-Mixed feelings

It was a long time to wait for Maja, Ludka. Gabi, Jana, Mateusz and Michael arrive but finally they did.  But soon in the next they we started to realized how many things to do as soon as possible:a lot!!! It is overwhelming: the meetings, talking, understanding how things work, prioritized thing and start a work straight . No tome for observation just lets do it. The kitchen: make a table, benches, rocket stove, make a wall,  deconstructed the walls. Cooking together, get kitchen equipment, washing mashine, sheeps and guinea pig food start a vegetable garden and fix many things.. A of course make a video, picture, write down a design. And buy food, tools, make list what do we need for everythings but keep low the budget.

The feeling was shocked, confused, overwhelming and really dont know how slow down. Started from Saturday and still on it.

The weather not help-maybe the local people happy because need rain here- but for us make thing more difficult we have no close, warm place when getting cold, raining (not big one just shower). But hard the stay all the time outside especial in the evening.                   We manage to use a library and a caravan as well for meetings but noting else. I quite fine with this weather Rosa struggling with this. Looks continue a week so we have to be strong.

The solar shower broke down but in this cold not have hot water. Finally today we have a few hours sun and I had a nice shower!

The kitchen is a mess, tried organize our food and thing for cooking but is difficult b. the guys build there.

We are going to be fine but need time, patient, and make time for relax not stressed out. And it is not easy.


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