Rose – My travel from Trento to La Palma 1/2

I arrived on site on the 12th of March it was quite cloudy and cold and my trip was fine but really long.

I had the flight from Milano Orio al Serio at 6.55 but it took almost 2 hours going there from Trento so I woke up quite early and I couldn’t sleep well because I was excited.
When I arrived in Gran Canaria I had to wait for the next flight to Santa Cruz de la Palma at 20 and just arrived on the island when it was almost 21… and then I took the bus to the Pension, I arrived around 22 (local time) and fortunately found a really nice person who helped me so I immediately felt at home. I took a really nice shower and drunk a really hot cup of tea and  fell asleep in seconds!!
20160312_104112[1]The day after, I didn’t really want to wake up. I tried my best to get started on the next trip to Puntagorda, but before that I needed something to eat and fortuntaly there was a bakery just in front of the Pension. I had  a really good Focaccia with tortilla and vegetables with a cup of manzanilla (camomile)… I felt really happy and lucky!!
So the day started really well!!
Then I decided to visit the city (Santa cruz de la Palma). I couldn’t really see the city the day before because it was already night and I was too tired to have a look around.
I followed the main street (Calle O’Daly…) and just observed the people and the colonial style houses. I noticed that most of the tourist where dressed with sportswear and the island is really hilly, the mountains are really close. I felt a little bit like home because when I usually wake up in the morning in Trento I see the mountains.
  20160312_112722[1]                         20160312_121458[1]
The nature is all around… fortunately!!
At 13 I had to take the bus to Los Llanos if not I would miss the last bus on Saturday to Puntagorda at 14.15 (fortunately I checked the timetable during the breakfast)… so I didn’t have enough time to have a look around to this charming, tiny but quiet city.. now I can also understand the name of the “Pension” La Cubana… or at least I think so! This city looks like a miniature Cuba!
When I reached Los Llanos I recognised a guy that I saw the same day at the “Pension” and then after a while we realized that we were going to the same place so we started to talk and he explained me that on this island there is intensive agriculture of bananas that is destroying the local nature and vegetation around… it is true and sad to realize that. The agriculture is based on terraces because the land is really mountainous.
20160312_141852[1]    20160312_143226[1]
Thinking time:
“…Close to Bassano del Grappa some people I know are trying to recover the abandoned terraces and cultivate fruit, herbs and vegetable belonging to that area (like mint, tobacco and so on)… and try to fertilize the land! My friends have been working on that project for years and they are doing a great job. Maybe in a short while the same can happen on this island.
It would be better to stop banana’s intensive monoculture as soon as possible and fertilize the land and recover it before it is totally destroyed!..”
So in the late afternoon we arrive at the bus station in Puntagorda and wait for Jose to pick us up
… to be continue soon…

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