Maja B – changes

(I will add some photos later!)
I was just about to write about how difficult it is. So much work, no time and just when I got used to the current order of the day, the PeDreTea people come and we have to organize everything again, probably different. And I don’t want different, I want my breakfasts at 11 am and eat fat and fermented veggies. First thing I felt after waking up was a sting of panic, that again, it is going to be such  an exhausting day. How wrong I was!

I started my duties with guinea pig food, which is always hard for me, because I spent 2 hours in an uncomfortable position, thinking about what else could I do in this time and how no one is willing to help with this job. But luckily, Nico was pushing long enough and we got a working site. In half an hours we picked 6 bags (usually I get 4 in 2 hours) and it was such a pleasure that I can’t wait to site again! this tool is somehow noble, using it requires perfection which now I really want to achieve. It is not going to be picking food for the guinea pigs anymore but morning meditation with the site.
Then, we got delivery of metal bars which I need to start building guinea pig cages. Yesterday we had a workshop from soldiering and so today I started playing with tools. I love playing with tools, do something I never did before and creating something useful. I’m so happy that the guinea pigs will have more space! And even though I’m scared that I will mess up something, make some stupid mistakes, I take the challenge and it is a great feeling.
And now I am cooking my bone broth on the shitty rocket stove I built very quickly. Today was the last breakfast with the 8th life team and I will be missing them a lot! It makes me a bit sad, but I also love cooking on fire, to take care of it, to hear it’s pretty sounds.
And the weather was great too. I am going back to my morning routine I neglected, I am feeling great, although still a bit concerned about the new stuff going on.
It is very easy to stay in the comfort zone. I get the thoughts about going back to the city and consumerism, to take a hot bath, watch a movie and eat cakes. It would be so easy no to have any bigger purpose! Not to have a need for it. But I have tried it and I know that it is actually easier to stretch the boundaries and challenge myself than to deal with the misery of meaningless life. Sometimes it´s just difficult to remember that. New people are coming, with them new changes and I get really stressed about it, but I hold on.

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