Judit-My first feelings and impressions in La Palma

Hi. My  first feelings:  I had a safe journey, relative smooth. When I was in the bus I was amazed abaut how green this island. On the bus one side I saw the sea and the other side the hill. The soil full with rocks is  red but everything covered with plants- cactus, trees, flowers.                                                                                                                                                       Warm welcome from people mix with a strange feeling I need time to know this place and people how it is work..

The first impressions:                                                                                                                                       See beautiful sunshine altought the air is not so warm you know this kind of weather when in the sun you want to have a short tee-shirt but in the shadows still need a long jumper. View from our place



IMG_4901   IMG_4890


Hear: was how quiet- no it is not a right word.. because is not not quiet. In the farm can’t hear the cars, city noise but full with  chirp and tweet and sing (birds) mixed with  some cock-a-doodle-doo( rooster) and bee( sheeps).


Smell is a summer smell with flowers. Of course when you are crossing the sheep’ place it isn’t that nice:) and the orange and lemon which is one of my favorite.

The taste for orange, lemon and nisperos. I wasn’t familiar with this last on it is a huge tree the fruit is oval shaped, small plum size with yellow strong skin and taste juicy inside. (Other name is loquat, japonese medlar, chinese plum, japanese plum.) And for Jose’rice with veggies which it was really good.

IMG_4903          IMG_4926        IMG_4912

The air wich not so warm but the sun “touching me so warm. In the opposite of the night which was quite cold.     And touching the guinea pig hair so soft- I helped to feed them and the cactus which sting me when I cleaned to give to the guinea pig.

IMG_4904                          IMG_4922

This is my first blog from 8.thLife Eco Village. I going to write again soon!                                                                                Have a lovely weekend!



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