Judit-My Last working day

I had have a last working day on Friday.

It was start with snow in Ireland in March amazing isn? 

Snow in March
Snow in March






But a few hours and and the snow was gone.


Because of the weather we didn’t go to the park we visited the  library. Do you like book? Smelling touching reading? My memories abaut library and book are  bring back my childhood when my father worked as a librarian.

There wasn’t computer everything was manual, you have a paper ticket and a stamps for a dates. I remember to help my father work and participate in the competition  in the children library. I loved it.

Obviously  we had a lot of books at home as well. Reading  regularly in the evening was part of the evening ceremony when I was 10. My father read Robinson Crusoe while we scratched his back. Many book and many stories with my granny my mum and my dad. And when I was able to read non stop always have a book from our house library or the local one.

Not just read it we played it with my brother and sister..  Mary Popping, Winnetou,  Jeno Rejto, Three musketeers, Little house in the big woods, Ransome: Swallows and Amazons…

And not surprisingly I bought my younger sister to the library when I minded her ( remember once accidently lost her before we turn back home) and I did with my younger brother- visit a library was part of our life.

konyvtar regen            library

library long time ago(Hungary)                                            and now (Ireland)

We had a few hours before turned into evening and my employer came home. We agreed to make a meal together for celebrate. I made a sour cherry soup and chicken stew with nokedli( type of pasta) and  they made a delicious chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream.

I made a little video for them Elsa loved it.  And Cloda made a beautiful scarf for me and it is more precious b. I know how busy she is.



Elsa surprised me to a make a drawing me in the picture.

It is never happened before she never draw peopleIMG_4850

with me before this!






We had a lovely time together.      I am so lucky have such a nice people in my life.






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