Maja B – change of profession

So I used to be a gardener in London. I like the job. I was spending most of my days outside, in rich english gardens so I didn’t even feel like I’m in a huge city.



I had teatimes usually every 2-3 hours and sometimes even with cakes! English people seem to respect and like their gardeners.





And I was surrounded by beauty! We were not really allowed to take any pictures of the properties, but sometimes it was just too difficult to not to capture the simple beauty of nature.

I really liked to show it to our customers as well. At some point, every time I was pruning some plants with flowers on it I left them a little bouquet. Or at the end of our time in a garden I was making small decorations.

When I think about it now, and look at those pictures, I even miss it. I remember every garden in which those pictures were taken. I have spent quite a lot of great time with nature at that time, I see it as a great gift. That I chose to study horticulture and then to work in a way related to my passion.

But knowing some things about ecology of plants, soils, micro and macro organisms makes it quite difficult to work in gardens of a usual, rich people. They want everything to be clean and tidy. They don’t want to see any dead leaves or flowers. They want their hedges and lawns as straight as their rectangular houses. They want their soil bare and freshly turned over all the time. No weeds. No bugs. They like when we say “we will spray it”. When you are aware of what those practices do to the environment around, it actually hurts to do your job. After PDC I started to argue with my colleagues and got into conflict with my boss because I refused to turn the soil over and was nagging all the time when I had to weed or mow not to mention when I saw someone spraying!

I think I could continue to work as a gardener only if I had clients that actually appreciate a healthy ecosystem and that is what they want in their garden. Possible but difficult. And still, there is no bigger picture.

So now I am here. I am not doing the gardening, I decided to change my profession. I was seeing gardening mostly as way to grow food and medicine but now I believe that animals are a much better source of food, and medicine is best wild. And I really want to help spreading holistic grazing all around any place I will go, so I have to learn about it! So I spent most of my time taking care of animals instead of plants.


But I still observe very carefully the flora around me. We have a little design on our heads to create an album with wild plants of canaries, so I am observing them and taking pictures for now, later on I want to paint them. It makes me very happy, that is exactly what I wanted to do here and even though I moved to animals, I am still in a very intimate touch with plants. I really like knowing their names.


If you want to support me in my mission of making a change in the world and hear more about my adventure, go here


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