Maja B – First few days

The first impression was a little weird. It was hard to believe that after so many months of planning I am actually here, on La Palma, and I will be staying here one year! Stella and Jose had a meeting at the time I arrived, so Mattis, who is volunteering here came to pick me up and showed me around for the first time.


I must say, no matter how intimidated I felt, the nature around me did not and could not let me feel anything else but happy. It’s like a little jungle! Canaries are rather dry and there is not much lush vegetation, but here it’s completely different. The amount of colors and smells is higher than on polish field covered with summer flowers. Birds are singing amazing songs. And everyone is so friendly!

I was nervous about meeting Stella for the first time, but when she came out from the meeting, all this was gone. Like we knew each other much longer and better, I felt so natural. And so natural with my being quiet, I didn’t feel any kind of pressure to say or do anything whatsoever.

I set up my tent, got a rest and wandered around. The view from our camping site is incredible. You can see the barranco and ocean. Even from such a distance the waves makes you just stare at them in peace, and there is nothing else you could possibly need in the world.


The night was very cold though! Days are very warm, but we are in the mountains after all and nights get very cold, I barely slept. Got out of all the clothes and sleeping bag only when the sun came in to touch my tent and immediately warm it up. Stella got a great idea to give me a bottle with hot water for the next night and I got an extra sleeping bag, so next night was much better. So good actually, that I didn’t manage to do my morning yoga. No problem, I will do it tomorrow. Is it possible to be worried here?

We have a lot of work. I have to keep making videos for other pedreteans and for you! Write blogs, make photos, but most of all start to organize our work! We have to renovate the kitchen, make the corridor for chickens, nursery, do the garden and in the meantime there are daily jobs like harvesting food for guinea pigs and cleaning their cages and checking on the sheeps, bringing them to and from the field.

I’m really bad with sheeps. They are very strong and I don’t have enough confidence to make them listen to me and to bark when we need to scare them to come our way!

I can already see that this is much more work then I was prepared for. That even though I was thinking about myself as a countryside kind of person, I was living in a city a long time, my hands got delicate and body weak. It will be difficult to keep up with the pace of farm life itself and to do this project! I can barely imagine having time to go to see the island or spend some time on painting, I hope I will get much more strength, stamina and energy with time.

Here the diet is VERY different than what I am used to. I don’t think I have ever eaten like that. 80% of our diet is animal fat, the rest is a bit of meat, organs and fried wild greens that grow around the finca. After a breakfast I am not hungry for the whole day! Today i felt a little sick from the amount of grease, but Jose said it is normal, because i am not used to this kid of food and I did suppose that it might be so. I just feel the need to eat much more fruits. There is a very big tree with delicious fruits but it is really hard to get them. I will try tomorrow.

If you would like to read more, know more about my personal struggles and support me, you can do it here


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