Judit introduction

My name is Judit Somogyi, I am hungarian but live in Ireland. My first interest started with birds and birdwatching plus gardening. Then I stopped for quite a long time and I went to the other way- this was education and children. I use to work as a primary school teacher and I loved it. I belive the education is one of the most important for everyone but for children I do not like the ” official” way.. I think alternative like forest school can be better and more natural!
Altought I haven’t got experience many alternative way one of my goal to put together the education and the permaculture.
3 years ago I found a permaculture did a course and I knew it it is for me.. not just a gardening part but start from there! I working in the community garden and proudly make a lot of compost in the traditional irish way.. Compost like a basic without it there is no product.
If we give a care to the Earth and the soil it is coming back. The children is same for me


My 3 priorities 1. children plus education 2. permaculture and sustainability 3. social enterprise This last one I feel a strong connection with permaculture- business+ people care!
I like art and craft: here we made a cooked white Christmas decoration called white clay and we coloured, shaped and decorated  with the girl who I minding. The other pic. my favorite hobbi- soapmaking!



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