Rose Introduction

Ciao! My name is Rosanna but everybody calls me Rose, I’m 35 years old, Italian.

It’s a really long time that I would participate a project like that.

I would like to do something useful for this society, for me and hopefully gives me some different opportunities in this life.

My dream is living in a Eco-village. Building it from the beginning would be the best then living there, if possible, or just learn. Learn to live in a community with the same aims about environmental sustainability and be an example for the society, showing that something better can exist also if there are fears, worries, lack skills, doubts and so on…

For several years I worked as accounting in different companies in Italy and abroad but I wasn’t satisfied, I recognized that I wanted to change and doing something that I really wanted: helping other people. Almost 2 years ago I started a special course attended in my Region in order to change my work life, so right now I’m also an “Operatore Socio Sanitario” (Social Health Operator).

I love the adventure, I travelled a lot around the world not just for holidays but also to learn as much as I could from other cultures. Have different point of view, see the world with other eyes.



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