Maja B Introduction

My name is Maja, I’m polish, 24 years old.
I found about this projects through 8th life’s facebook page which I’ve joined after looking for places on Canaries to visit during my last year’s trip to the Islands. I never got to La Palma, but I’m gonna do that this in February, so I’m joining the on-site team.

I’ve studied horticulture in Poland. After graduation I wanted to get independent as soon as possible, so I’ve come to London following my boyfriend and I’m working here as a gardener for almost two years. After this time I know that living like that, in this system is not suitable for me. I can put up with that if it’s necessary but it’s not, as I’ve learned on my PDC this summer from a wonderful group of people I met there. After that experience my mindset changed completely. My priorities, needs and desires reseted and changed to those closer to my heart, the frame of success and money got destroyed and everything that used to lead my life is out and alive again. That is why I’m here – because I know that I want that.

I grew up in a mountainous countryside, I’ve spent most of my time bonding with nature, where I could always find love, support and security I needed. I’m very excited to be able to get back to that wild spirit that I’ve lost touch with in the cities. Meeting different people in my life and listening to their stories made me realise that me and my sister were raised in a quite different values and beliefs than most of them. To be free, truthfull and respect nature and other people. I though it to be truth that comes from everyone’s heart, what a suprise it was when I got out of my little village and discovered that not everyone thinks like that! I always wanted to live in a community with like-minded people, even when I didn’t really know what that means. I was growing up in that kind of environment and even though I don’t remember it very well, I suppose my soul does. So this project is like coming back home for me.

I was always very much into plants. While studying, I started to explore the world of herbs, vegetables and fruits as a way to heal our bodies and therefore – aid in healing our souls. And that is something I would like to do – plants cultivation and their use.
I think this project will show what other abilities do I have, It’s very exciting and stimulating for me, so let’s see!


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