Michal Introduction


Hi My name is Michal about 3 years ago my life has changed completely I became vegan and start following Mother Nature as much as I can.
So I don’t use any chemicals on my body eat organic segregate waste I made fermented foods such a sour veggies or apple cider vinegar. Juice fasting etc I love cooking i could spend all day in a kitchen I also love DIY. I study PD but haven’t finished yet https://www.openpermaculture.com/I just need to put my hand in to a soil and mud 🙂
Last year we decided with my wife to move from our ex-ordinary life and follow instinct and go back to nature I’ve bought camper van which I equipped with solar panels and want it to make self sustainable ( composting toilet) and to be able to collect rain water. So I can take my home on wheels wherever I want it
In Poland where i come from I finished Ecological Engineering but I never worked direct with my subject. Now I’m technical assistant in laboratory for Oil and Gas sector which is not my desire any more. My biggest dream is to share a living with open minded people and build sustainable community for all peoples so instead of old paradigm of survival we could thrive  and build community based on Love and compassion for all beings on this Planet.
‘Never stop Dreaming no matter how Big your Dreams are’
Be the Change you want to see in the World

With Love


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