Ludka introduction


Hello Everyone! My name is Ludka, I’m from Poland. I want to join the project with my family – my husband Mateusz and my daughter Janka.

We both (Mateusz and I) did degree Civil and Environmental Engineering (Gdańsk University of Technology) and we have (specially my husband) some experiences with doing projects (heating, cooling, sewerage, water supply etc.)
I used to work as a  sanitary engineer and graphic designer and I also run my own business.
My husband and me have for a long time been thinking about moving out and living in accordance with nature. We love gardening and working on fresh air. Now the opportunity has arrived for us to do this – on the new land with new people.
This is my way to achieve happiness and stand against consumerism, leave everything unnecessary behind and prove that this is possible.
“Be the change yo wish to see in the world” Let’s make it work!


Judit introduction

My name is Judit Somogyi, I am hungarian but live in Ireland. My first interest started with birds and birdwatching plus gardening. Then I stopped for quite a long time and I went to the other way- this was education and children. I use to work as a primary school teacher and I loved it. I belive the education is one of the most important for everyone but for children I do not like the ” official” way.. I think alternative like forest school can be better and more natural!
Altought I haven’t got experience many alternative way one of my goal to put together the education and the permaculture.
3 years ago I found a permaculture did a course and I knew it it is for me.. not just a gardening part but start from there! I working in the community garden and proudly make a lot of compost in the traditional irish way.. Compost like a basic without it there is no product.
If we give a care to the Earth and the soil it is coming back. The children is same for me


My 3 priorities 1. children plus education 2. permaculture and sustainability 3. social enterprise This last one I feel a strong connection with permaculture- business+ people care!
I like art and craft: here we made a cooked white Christmas decoration called white clay and we coloured, shaped and decorated  with the girl who I minding. The other pic. my favorite hobbi- soapmaking!


Mateusz Introduction

Hello, It’s time for me to properly introduce myself.

Mateusz, 31 years, Ludka M-ska husband, father of 2 years old Jana.

Trained as an engineer, passionate enthusiast of all DIY projects. As for now I earn from making all kind of videos and animations. Becoming a filmmaker helped me to discover and develop my artistic side. Yet it’s still very technical which allows me to feel fulfilled.

As for my personality type… I’m an introvert, I tend to be reflective, reserved and private. This does not mean that I do not like to spend time with people, I just do not need people around me all the time. 

I make decisions using logic and impersonal analysis. I think with my head rather than my heart, yet it has changed a lot latelly and I let my inner voice to guide me more often then I used to. 

I’m flexible and adaptable although i like to keep my options open. I’m interested in theorizing, analyzing and learning. I like to think of myself as the explorer or the seeker . I thrive on exploring, understanding and explaining how the world works. I’m strongly motivated to challenge myself to pursue and acquire excellence.

I perceive my role in this project not only as participant but also (using my filmmaking tools and skills) as a relay betwen the old world and new that is slowly emerging. There is a lot of people around the world, wanting to make that bold move to release themselves from the grip of old system, but they need encouragement that we could provide.

Rose Introduction

Ciao! My name is Rosanna but everybody calls me Rose, I’m 35 years old, Italian.

It’s a really long time that I would participate a project like that.

I would like to do something useful for this society, for me and hopefully gives me some different opportunities in this life.

My dream is living in a Eco-village. Building it from the beginning would be the best then living there, if possible, or just learn. Learn to live in a community with the same aims about environmental sustainability and be an example for the society, showing that something better can exist also if there are fears, worries, lack skills, doubts and so on…

For several years I worked as accounting in different companies in Italy and abroad but I wasn’t satisfied, I recognized that I wanted to change and doing something that I really wanted: helping other people. Almost 2 years ago I started a special course attended in my Region in order to change my work life, so right now I’m also an “Operatore Socio Sanitario” (Social Health Operator).

I love the adventure, I travelled a lot around the world not just for holidays but also to learn as much as I could from other cultures. Have different point of view, see the world with other eyes.


Maja B Introduction

My name is Maja, I’m polish, 24 years old.
I found about this projects through 8th life’s facebook page which I’ve joined after looking for places on Canaries to visit during my last year’s trip to the Islands. I never got to La Palma, but I’m gonna do that this in February, so I’m joining the on-site team.

I’ve studied horticulture in Poland. After graduation I wanted to get independent as soon as possible, so I’ve come to London following my boyfriend and I’m working here as a gardener for almost two years. After this time I know that living like that, in this system is not suitable for me. I can put up with that if it’s necessary but it’s not, as I’ve learned on my PDC this summer from a wonderful group of people I met there. After that experience my mindset changed completely. My priorities, needs and desires reseted and changed to those closer to my heart, the frame of success and money got destroyed and everything that used to lead my life is out and alive again. That is why I’m here – because I know that I want that.

I grew up in a mountainous countryside, I’ve spent most of my time bonding with nature, where I could always find love, support and security I needed. I’m very excited to be able to get back to that wild spirit that I’ve lost touch with in the cities. Meeting different people in my life and listening to their stories made me realise that me and my sister were raised in a quite different values and beliefs than most of them. To be free, truthfull and respect nature and other people. I though it to be truth that comes from everyone’s heart, what a suprise it was when I got out of my little village and discovered that not everyone thinks like that! I always wanted to live in a community with like-minded people, even when I didn’t really know what that means. I was growing up in that kind of environment and even though I don’t remember it very well, I suppose my soul does. So this project is like coming back home for me.

I was always very much into plants. While studying, I started to explore the world of herbs, vegetables and fruits as a way to heal our bodies and therefore – aid in healing our souls. And that is something I would like to do – plants cultivation and their use.
I think this project will show what other abilities do I have, It’s very exciting and stimulating for me, so let’s see!

Maja T Introduction



Hi My name is Maja I’m 34 years old wife of Michal Wolicki and mother of 17 month old Gabi. I ‘m from Poland and grown up in small village  As  a child I always work hard on our farm with my sisters and brother besides of work I was never bored in my life. There was always something to do . I was so blessed to have a access to fresh produce and nature in a purest form. I had a great childhood so I want same for my child.
Before pregnancy I was mainly focused on work with food but some hard times which we had experienced changed everything. About 3 years ago I encourage Michal to changed our life style and get closer to the nature.Now we are all following plant based diet mostly raw
In my very busy life now 🙂 I still try to find some time for my passions like expanding consciousness , exercising yoga with Gabi
At the moment I’m focused on home schooling subject.

“We can best help children learn, not by deciding what we think they should learn and thinking of ingenious ways to teach it to them, but by making the world, as far as we can, accessible to them, paying serious attention to what they do, answering their questions — if they have any — and helping them explore the things they are most interested in.”
― John Holt

Michal Introduction


Hi My name is Michal about 3 years ago my life has changed completely I became vegan and start following Mother Nature as much as I can.
So I don’t use any chemicals on my body eat organic segregate waste I made fermented foods such a sour veggies or apple cider vinegar. Juice fasting etc I love cooking i could spend all day in a kitchen I also love DIY. I study PD but haven’t finished yet just need to put my hand in to a soil and mud 🙂
Last year we decided with my wife to move from our ex-ordinary life and follow instinct and go back to nature I’ve bought camper van which I equipped with solar panels and want it to make self sustainable ( composting toilet) and to be able to collect rain water. So I can take my home on wheels wherever I want it
In Poland where i come from I finished Ecological Engineering but I never worked direct with my subject. Now I’m technical assistant in laboratory for Oil and Gas sector which is not my desire any more. My biggest dream is to share a living with open minded people and build sustainable community for all peoples so instead of old paradigm of survival we could thrive  and build community based on Love and compassion for all beings on this Planet.
‘Never stop Dreaming no matter how Big your Dreams are’
Be the Change you want to see in the World

With Love