Brio Introduction

Hi I am Brio, 46, German/U.S. I currently work as a software engineer in Berlin (iPhone and iPad apps for the medical sector), before that I had a long phase working as a music producer in London. My interest in the transition movement is fairly recent, this year I joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) and various garden projects in Berlin. I have also been active in the (pro-) refugee movement, currently a big issue in Germany.

I came across the 8th life website while ill with a flu and it seemed like it was sent to me as a way of turning a new page in mental and physical wellbeing. So I went and booked myself into the ‘transition house’ (I do like my creature comforts…) for a week in December 2015.

That week has just ended and I am still buzzing from all the inspiration. This is why I am currently very active in the PeDreTea project – that way it feels like I am still at the finca. I am convinced of the philosophy behind the 8th life project – although I do like to have lively discussions about the implementation details 🙂

I am currently not in a position to take a year out to join PeDreTea on-site, instead I will do my best to support the project online. Hopefully I will be able to join and meet you for a month or so at some point within the next year!

While on La Palma I have been writing a diary/blog with some pictures, it is just a personal, not too serious account on how I experienced arriving at the finca and joining the ‘8th-lifestyle’. Hopefully it will give you the odd chuckle and get you excited about your own 8th-life experience!