The PermaCulture Dream Team

(PeDreTea for short)


A lot is troubling the world today – conflicts in the Middle East, peak oil, terrorism and climate change to mention but a few. Some say the world is in greater danger today than it was during the two world wars. Yes, the world seems to be falling apart.
But we at PermacultureDreamTeam believe otherwise. We are optimists who believe that there is still time to save our lovely planet. Therefore, we want to share our social experiment with people around the world. We are asking: is it possible to begin again, away from the conveniences and distractions of city life, to re-adapt civilized humans to a more indigenous & sustainable way of life? To find out, follow our documentary series, starting in March 2016.
The documentary will be based on a ground breaking year-long experience that will capture our efforts as we create a community and eco-village at an ancient farming homestead in the Canary Islands. Through the documentary, you will be part of our journey as we restore the planet and humanity.


PeDreTea is hosted by 8th life media.

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